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Laser Hair Removal - Dr Sarita Tippannwar
Laser hair removal, beauty trend offering unwanted hair elimination, is revolutionizing the way brides achieve smooth skin.
Hair-removal lasers work by zapping the pigment within the hair follicle and using heat to destroy it. Sound intense? Laser hair removal is a procedure if approached the right way, you\'ll be stubble-free long after your big day.
free monthly health check up camp at Abane Hospital|Renaissance Skin Hair Laser Clinic|Wakad,Pune
Free monthly health check up camp at Abane Hospital
ABANE HOSPITAL has undertaken a major initiative of organizing free monthly health check up camps dedicated towards ensuring the health of people.
The idea was to educate & aware the people about BONE , JOINT HEALTH & HEALTHY LIFE .The needy and the poor, who need our care and attention, are especially attended to in this camp.
This camp will be held on every months last Wednesday (10am to 4pm).
On 28/11/2018 had our 1st camp on KNEE AWARENESS inaugrated by MR. AABA TUPE (CORPORATOR).
A large number of people (136) were examined at the camp. Basic health-related tests were also conducted on the occasion. Bone marrow Density test were conducted free of cost.Medical tests were conducted by a team of doctors and para medical staff led by Dr Sachin Abane, Dr. Suyog Kalbhor & all Abane Hospital staff
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